"Two of the great entertainers ever to grace this city. Anne & Mark Burnell"

 - Rick Kogan, WGN Radio, Chicago


“TWO FOR THE ROAD is the perfect showcase of Anne and Mark Burnell's many talents."

- Chloe Rabinowitz, Broadway World (read more)


“Couple managed to navigate the ever-changing music scene with grit and style”
-  Chicago Tribune feature story (read more)

“One of the great things about Mark is how he uses his skill and instincts as a jazz improviser to adapt to any situation, even one that contains no jazz at all.”

Mick Archer, Chicago Jazz Magazine

"Blues In The Night and Ms. Burnell is a marriage of two talents that needed to join hands. Her voice fits the style and with arranger Bob Ojeda ‘s direction the end result was enchanting."  - Karl Stober, E-Jazz News

“A marvelously misty ambiance permeates vocalist Anne Burnell’s third release, the unabashedly romantic, Summer Days and Dreamy Nights...She proves herself, once more, adept at a variety of genres to all of which she brings a jazz musician sensibility.” 
-Hrayr Attarian, Chicago Jazz Magazine

“Burnell’s engaging performance style instantly grabs the ear, and she does here what she does so well, not so much perform her musical choices as sharing them with us.”
- Jeff Rossen, Cabaret Scenes

“ Anne and Mark Burnell proved you don’t need a piano when you sing a cappella this well.”
- Howard Reich, Chicago Tribune

“With complex melodies and thoughtful lyrics, Burnell and Pringle are certainly two gifted songwriters”
- Todd Shuman, Cabaret Hotline